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Me and a few pals are traveling out from London on the 9th .........

Gonna be looking to meet as many people as pos....*it's a holiday after all*

So if you wanna hook up for drinks, chat, laugh.....*WHATEVER*

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O yeah we're all fun loving guy's----Early 20's

Cool C Ya There

2 guys early 20's

will be there from aug 9-13 in tarida but plan on hanging out all over...where will you be chilling?

Hi....we will be travelling to Ibiza Aug. 15-23.......We are 2 girls from Toronto.....this trip is going to be absoultely insane...I can't wait...
Maybe we can all meet up at Bora Bora and partying together!!!!! 8)
Hope everyone has a wonderful trip!!!!!!!!!!!
Yep, we'll be in Ibiza at that time too...let's meet up somewhere and make noise!! :D
Bora Bora should be fine..
Any1 at hotel els pins san an 11-18 august?

8) Hi! Me & my m8 gonna stay at :confused: .
For next days to 21 we don't know ( :cry: it will bother me to sleep in the car).
If anyone in this hotel or one near u know what to do! ;) 4 the other sure u gonna see me (bora bora,salinas,mambo,savannah,coastline,ibiza harbor,amnesia,sunday at space,el divino,amnesia.) or recognize me (see my comments ...)
I make connection easily with people but it can be fun to meet some B4 by internet!
I'm not f***ed up just need some sleep

:rolleyes: Merde
By cut & paste instead of copy & paste if forgot to write "11-18 august at hotel els pins san an ,written in section subject ...
Sure i'm gonna sleep right now ...