August 9-16?!?!?!


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Hola everyone! We and 5 friends are heading over from th US Aug 9-16. We'll be shacking up in Playa den Bossa with a killer rooftop balcony. we'll be throwing our own afterhours up there lol.

who else is gonna be out there that week?
Hey name is Arnold (yea a lil dorky but it's mine) anyway.....I'm making my first trip to Ibiza from August 5th through the 16th. I"m in the army stationed in europe at the moment and will be going alone. I know I'm not a chick but it would be supercool to hang out with some like minded people like yourself and your friends.

I'm thinking of hitting up PVD, Tiesto, Armin, Judge Jules etc....

Let me know if that sounds cool with you.

I CAN'T WAIT! I've been wanting to go to ibiza since probably 01