Aug 31-Sept 8

Same time and place

i and 5 guys staying at hotel club garbi that week.
Heading out of New York Sept. 2 for Ibiza (first time!!!) Just me and my best friend and we are staying in Playa D'en Bosa also... Torre Del Mar? Anyone heard of it? Too bad PVD will not be there :cry: but there will be plenty of other awesome DJs to keep me happy!
it's my 1st time also. trying to meet up with others, you game? see EmmaG's post 28th-Aug 7-Sept.
Yep, gonna be my first time with a mate as well.

Would be excellent to meet up with some of you guys from the other side of the pond!
I will also be there at these dates... I was at Ibiza last year. So, I'll make it second year in a row.
Sleeping in the Playa d'en bossa area...
Alright guys i think we should all meet up at Bora Bora around 1pm on Sunday sept 1st.. have a couple drinks chill and such.. than head on over to space! hows that for a plan???
that works for me! if we all meet i'll buy a round of your favorite poison.
too many days to wait but it's getting closer 8)
I cant believe that, on that same day, we will have the chance to hear Sasha & Digweed play (for Sasha's birthday).. It will be a crazy night/day

I"ll be there the same dates, i'm staying in Sol Pinet

I"M at San Antonio, my first time, is this a good place to stay?????and i'm coming with 3 other crazy guys, Our first time is it cool to meet up, and head over to that the club with the deck???, i heard sunday afternoons cafe del mar/space has a deck where the party starts in the afternoon, do you know about it?????
Nikkil, you are talking about Space.. it has a terrasse and an inside room... Sundays is a 22 hr marathon that starts at 8AM and finishes the next day at 6AM... Cafe del Mar is a sunset bar at the Northern side of the island (20 mins away driving from Space).
On Sunday, everyone will be at Space or Bora Bora..
Myself and friend will be there from 18 Aug - 10 Sept looking forward to meeting some of you there. This our first time there and we are trying to party our asses off. I mean party till we drop. If you can hang let me know. We have no problem meeting up on Sep 1. :lol:

The idea of meeting all of you at Bora Bora sounded great!

It's my - and my friends' - first time at Ibiza, so that would be great!
Wow looks like theres gonna be a bunch of Ibiza-spotlighters @ Bora Bora on Sept 1st!! Cant wait to see you all.. try to be there from 1-4pm before we head off over to SPACE!~ CANT WAIT! see you all than!