Audio Bullys 'HIGHER THAN THE EIFFEL' Album Out Now!


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Audio Bullys return from a five year recording break with their new album, ‘Higher Than The Eiffel’, on the 29th March. Featuring the single, ‘Only Man’, currently ripping up the clubs and the airwaves, the album marks the return of Tom Dinsdale and Simon Franks with a collection of tunes that represent their best work to date.

* 1. Drums (On With The Story)
* 2. Only Man
* 3. Daisy Chains
* 4. Feel Alright
* 5. Twist Me Up
* 6. Dynamite
* 7. Drained Out
* 8. London Dreamer
* 9. Future Belongs To Us, The
* 10. Shotgun
* 11. Dragging Me Down
* 12. Smiling Faces
* 13. 17
* 14. Goodbye

Check out their new single "Only Man" from the Album here:
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