Hi everyone, I have a question about this Atrac3plus stuff :) I've seen it on CD players and such and am curious to know what it is.

Atrac3plus...says it can hold 490 songs, is this a special CD that's thicker than normal? or is it just that the music is compressed so much?

Can someone clear this up for me? thanks.

Also, what's an AC adaptor and what's it used for?
I know that minidisks can hold a decent amount of songs, but not 490 im pretty sure, so then do they apply minidisk compression onto a normal CD?
atrac is just the compression format like mp3

a cd can hold way more data than a minidisc so of course you are gonna fit more atrac encoded stuff on a cd

when you think that a cd can hold the same amount uncompressed as a minidisc can compressed its not hard to work out

though i don't really see why you would use atrac when there wma mp3 ogg and various other music compression formats
maybe atrac is more effective than mp3 or other compression methods? just a thought, I have no clue, that's why I was asking lol :p