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I know this is a massive long shot but here goes..........8)

Can anyone PM me the directions/map to get to Atlantis, it looks so nice and peaceful, unfortunately I dont quite have the funds to charter my own boat!!!

No harm in asking:!:
The small boat from Cala D'Hort sounds nice. There are the glass bottomed tourist boats that go around Es Vedra and stop in Atlantis for a swim, but that defeats the purpose of it being mysterious, huh. :)
read about Atlantis some time ago and was going to try and find it this year with my son (11) from the scant info I had, given the amount it's been discussed and the directions given on various sites I expect the trial to be a bit easier, but still seems quite a challenge. The pictures look very tranquil hope the foot traffic hasn't spoilt it.
Give it a Go

I also arrive on Aug 29th and want to give it a shot to find this.... The google map is good and should get us into the area
woo hoo.... just went on the hike from the beach @ Cala D´Hort to the watch tower that looks over Es Vedra and could also see Atlantis.. as i went myself i couldnt go down to Atlantis as my G´Friend was waiting at the beach for my return.

It was a great view...

i think i could easily find my way to Atlantis is given the chance, but we hired a motor boat from the beach and went round and anchored at atlantis for a swim.

What a great experience and 1 of the best days ive ever had on the my visits to the island!!!

Hope you other guys found it eventually!!!