atlantis? (the hidden beach)


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Whats the story of Atlantis? Who carved the rocks? Hippies? Was that painting that was on the cover of one of the cafe del mar albums restored after it was vandalised?


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Nooo... hippies gave Sa Pedrera the name of Atlantis (they also renamed Sa Penya Esbarrada as Puertas del Cielo, for example) but it was there various centuries before they ever heard about Ibiza. It used to be a quarry and part of the stones used to build the walls of Dalt Vila came from there!
Didn't know that..:cool: so mcrackin your not just boobs and bums..;)


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Instagram and excessive location-sharing leading to more and more accidents there by the looks of things.

A hiker who fell from 25 meters high in Sa Pedrera de Cala d'Hort dies
The 34-year-old American man was with his partner when the accident occurred | The climbers of the Consell Firefighters Vertical Rescue Group took several hours to recover the victim's body
José María Alonso Ibiza 14.08.2019 | 20:29
Civil Guard agents rescue the body of the man who died yesterday.
Civil Guard agents rescue the body of the man who died yesterday. Sergio G. Cañizares

A 34-year-old man, apparently of American nationality , died yesterday morning at about noon after falling from a great height near Sa Pedrera in Cala d'Hort, in the municipality of Sant Josep , they reported from the services of 112 and 061.
Although it was initially reported that the man was practicing climbing in this area, apparently he was only walking along with his partner when the accident occurred. The man fell from an approximate height of about 25 meters. The couple had just visited Sa Torre des Savinar and had just started the excursion to Sa Pedrera.

Shortly after the accident occurred, an out-of-duty nurse who was there attended the man, although he could not do anything for him, they reported from the City Council of Sant Josep and from the 112 Emergency Service.
Quickly, the firefighters of the Consell de Ibiza moved to the site, and also mobilized the specialists of the Vertical Rescue Group (GRV). Likewise, agents from the Civil Guard and the Local Police of Sant Josep came to the area.
Initially the intervention of the Civil Guard helicopter was requested in order to rescue the hiker's body, but finally the option was ruled out and it was decided to undertake the operation by land. The GRV firefighters were in charge of carrying out the rescue, a work of several hours, since they had to install a pulley system. The 112 service mobilized a psychologist to care for the deceased's relatives .
Last day 4, the GRV climbers rescued two women in the same area where the fatal accident occurred yesterday.
The drone service of the Local Police of Sant Josep facilitated the location of the first wound, a tourist who had suffered an ankle fracture. After offering a first health care at the site, the evacuation by sea was chosen, a task carried out by Civil Protection of Sant Josep.The second rescue occurred shortly after.
While they were there, firefighters were required by tourists who told them that a woman had suffered a muscle problem that prevented her from walking. Firefighters again carried out another evacuation with the help of Civil Protection. Evacuations were not easy due to the state of the sea.
On July 15, firefighters carried out another very similar rescue. On that occasion it was a young Spaniard who was injured in the back after jumping into the sea from a rock and could not rise again on his own foot.