atlantis? (the hidden beach)

Discussion in 'Things to do on Ibiza' started by Hayden_nts, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. Paris400

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    I took a "glass bottom boat" cruise to Es Vedra that left from PDB (outside the Sirenis Tres Goletas), and they took us to Atlantis after the stop at Es Vedra; the catamaran was so huge that it took up most of the room in Atlantis, which is probably what made a lot of the people there already angry.The second time I went was with a snorkeling trip on a small fishing boat from Cala Compte; we anchored, swam and fed the schools of blue fish; this was a more laid back trip so those who were already there were not angry. Loads of naked people and a good time was had by all!
  2. sexki11en

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    After 3 years, last year we finally found it. It was lovely but will I do it again? Will I funk!!! Lovely stroll down (after $hi**ing myself thinking I was going to slide down the loose rocks at the top) but going back up??? Forget it! With the sand, it's probably twice as far back as it is down with your feet sliding back.

    We made the mistake as by the sounds of it, many others before us. We went down on a cloudy day and lo and behold as soon as we got to the bottom, the clouds dispersed and it was about 34 degrees. We nearly died of thirst on the way up.
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  3. RosstheBossa

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    Does anyone know if they still do boat trips to Atlantis & Es Vedra from PdB?
  4. stivi

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    I sincerely hope they don't!
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  5. Leigh88

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    I MUST go and see this when i am over in Ibiza, looks amazing!! Is there anything this magical island hasn't got ?
  6. Namaste

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    A working Metro system.
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  7. kimajy

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    Yep ....





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  8. stella_wl

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    i also heard its horrible to walk up again, esp in high season when its pretty hot, but this is defo on my list for my holiday here :)
  9. aregandj

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    Old thread I know but when people say its 'hard to walk back up' is there any chance you wont actually be able to make it back up :rolleyes:

    I'm not exact unfit but would say I could run more than a mile or 2 and would hate to get down there to have to call for help on the way back up!
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  10. kimajy

    kimajy Well-Known Member

    You'll get back up. Won't be any worse than trying to crawl home after a 2 day bender :lol::lol::lol::lol:. But take my advice and go by kayak it's so much more civilized haha.
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  11. aregandj

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    Good, glad you done need to be a trained rock climber!! Although I cant say I always made it home after those 2 day benders
  12. Daviniah

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    I saw a picture of Atlantis that was taken this week. Can't believe how many people were there.
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  13. Vinyldreams

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    I'm 17stone mate I made it!!
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  14. kimajy

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    Too accessible with all the boats taking people there now. I's becoming a tourist trap like Benirras at times. I'd go in June, early July or September - or well before 3pm.
  15. Charline Firket

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    Atlantis is just amazing and well preserved! Please keep it this way
  16. soha

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    I would consider myself fit and it does require quite some effort going down and up. But I suppose I was in a hurry on 5he way back up to be in time for sunset and I was pretty much on it for 2 days prior.

    And yes there was more people than I expected and this was beginning of October. I'd say July Aug would be plenty of tourists.
  17. McRackin

    McRackin Moderator

    and hotter temperatures... atlantis in august is a no-no!
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  18. kimajy

    kimajy Well-Known Member

    ... unless you take a kayak there or go by boat :twisted: ... easy to escape round the corner haha
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  19. McRackin

    McRackin Moderator

    of course, captain kimajy! :D
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  20. kimajy

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