as much of a review as you'll get out of me this year...


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i posted this on another forum in response to further claims from folk who haven't been yet this year that ibiza is dead/dying/notasgoodasitusedtobe etc.

turned into a mini review and i can't be bothered going into an hour by hour so heres what i got up to.........

I was there 2 weeks ago, and asides from the blistering heat I had no complaints whatsoever. In fact I doubt i'd have managed the opening to closing session I had planned for dc10 anyway.

First night 15 of us went to Eden on freebies not expecting much. Once I regained some kind of idea what the **** was going on (after initially planning a cheap night to ease us into the week and subsequently spending 2 thirds of my cash) I was amazed to find I was actually in Eden having a ****ing great time. The club has been completely transformed, and while I can't speak for the main room where some seriously questionable music was being played, the love box and whatever the other backroom is called were ****ing excellent. Andy Cato played a blinder, not one unsatisfied ligger out the lot of us. Paid €5 to get my hand stamped half way through, ran back to the hotel and consumed a lot of vodka etc. etc. and stayed till close. Had a ****ing great time. Still amazed at how different Eden is. Very british of course, but the back rooms were anything but overrun by neds/chavs.

The following day we got to the zoo just as the light was starting to fade and its a brilliant venue. Again, very British, and i felt like a bit of a plank being the whitest person there, but its how i imagine the Ku and Amnesia experience might have been before the roofs were added. Decent music, although I went for Clive Henry and he was playing his last tune as we approached the "seal pit". Still, was quite happy to sit/roll about watching it all go on around me.

Sunday, was too burst to make it to Space (thanks to ------ anyway for sorting out g-list, my mates who were on the list made use of it). I wasn't overly bothered as I seem to enjoy it less and less every time I go and I can't help feeling the powers behind Space aren't helping the dc10 situation so Im a bit loathe to spending €10-20 per hour on refreshments amongst all the other expenses that go with a day out in PDB.

Monday, I was burst for money so ended up having to go round the west end trying to flog my mate's Cocoon ticket to a bunch of fannies all bound for Tiesto. I could never do that for a living, the amount of abuse I got in the process was cringeworthy, made a mental note never to be a ****er to a worker ever again.

Was back in the game on Tuesday and headed for Underground where Matthias Tanzmann and Jaime Fiorito were billed. Got in for nowt and it was €12 for a Jack and Coke or €6 for a Tiger beer, which is more than reasonable considering what the bigger venues were charging. Was half full but a great atmosphere. Didn't get any aggro/posturing you can sometimes experience in the bigger places like Space. Had such a good night we went back the following night, not sure who was on apart from Don Juanito, but the place was rammed. Everyone was sound, punters and staff alike, up for a chat, everyone seemed pretty clued up. Definitely my favourite place in Ibiza. The 4am closing time didn't really phase me too much as Im used to clubs shutting at half 2 up here.

Thursday we went to Monza at Privilege. By that point I was getting a bit flaky and I was pissed off they shut off about 80% of the garden which is always whats got me through in Privilege before. The Coco Loco room was class, but just too hot for me and I was starting to get the fear somewhat. Our apartment for the 2nd half of the week didnt have aircon so I'd taken to sleeping on my balcony on my mattress which was still too hot, so I was dousing it in cold water so I think in the last 3 nights I managed about 2 hours sleep in total. So by the time Monza came around I wasn't feeling 100%.

Did pretty much **** all during the day everyday until the time came for sunset then I would get up and start doing stuff.

Brilliant week though. Can't wait to get back out there. I'm a bit gutted about dc10 cause I've been twice before and never been in any state to see it through so was planning on doing it properly. My next plan of attack was a holiday split between Sonar and Ibiza in 2009 but if dc10 is gonna be shut next year not sure if i'd be better waiting till the closing parties in September on the off chance it might be open again.

Anyway, after feeling a bit mehhh after my 2007 trip I <3 Ibiza again.

I'll be back, again, and again, and again. Just not in July!
yes, zoo = worth it, go!

ps. it wasn't mine. my mate had purchased his from the girl as i ran down to the telebanco which denied me and i realised i'd maxed my card (must have lifted cash on friday when i was buckled). sold it to some bemused italian dude for €25 as i was on my way back to the room haven given up on the tiesto bound muppets of san an (and on humanity in general)
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What were the numbers like in there? Was it quite busy?

Is the zoo a bit of a trek away from San An?

ha ha yes, i attempted to walk back, i was dead by the time i got the garage on the road into san an. The Kind lady in there called us a taxi.:lol:
good review mate, both underground and zoo on my hit list this year so thanks for the info ;)
if i remember correctly, all drinks in zoo are 4euro. you can get cigarettes in there for the same price. they do a big goldfish bowl/jug for 10euro too.