Armin Van Buuren


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Has anybody got any info or know if he is in Ibiza again this year.
Have not heard a thing so far.

Missed out seeing him last year, need to go this time for defo!
He is, with Roger Sanchez on the terrace. Every Tuesday.

When we're there its Carl Cox's birthday on the same night, I'm really wanting to go there but know for a fact mates will be wanting to go to Armada - although a few of us have seen him here in England (and he was pretty good btw)

We'll see
Saw Armin on Boxing Day at Cream in Liverpool, his set was a work of art, also saw him at Trance Energy in Holland last month, was a good set, but it was very subdued!

Cannot wait for Armada!
not into trance so much nowadays
but caught Van Buuren at the Gallery a couple of years ago and was very impressed indeed
He's got some good productions and gets involved with the crowd - but are his sets really as good as people say? I didnt notice anything to think he's better than any other DJ I've seen (other than what I've already said)
Get to go to two armada nights when i am over there in august cant wait to see armin in amnesia.
WHAT? Was that a typo? Amnesia is my favorite place on the Island! The Mainroom right under the ice cannon! I love it so much!


no not a typo.

every time i have been there ive not enjoyed it.
found it far too busy, could hardly move. moving from one room to another takes a lifetime due to the small doorways. I just think the layout could be improved a bit.

hoping things change this year when i see armin.
I have only been in Amnesia at cream and I do agree it was to busy and spoilt the enjoyment. It took me 2 hours to push to get under the ice cannon then it was fun.
It took me 2 hours to push to get under the ice cannon then it was fun.

The key usually is to go around the crowd. IE: when you walk into the main room, first walk right and then round till you get to the front. Even at the Cream closing it only took us 10 mins to get to the middle.

Regarding Armin, looking forward to seeing him this summer, it'll be my first time seeing him in Ibiza. Him and Sanchez.. :D :D :D
cant wait to see him in ibiza my flights the next morning tho so b cutting it tight for time

going to see him in blackpool in may too:D
Wish i was going to see him at the Syndicate!! Didnt realise he was playing until i'd bought a ticket for Deadmau5 in Leeds!