Armin Van Buuren this year?


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goodmorning to ya´all! 8)
Anyone know if the dutch D.J will be playing this year, and where/when??
Im there between 5-12 August, and would love to see a set by him.
Nothing on the guy´s homepage yet....

help needed! :eek:
sopposed to be rezzie for gatecrasher, if that rumour is true. otherwise he'll prob play for godskitchen.
Just saw him in Sydney. He can play some great tracks.....and then he can throw in some cheese. Hopefully for him, he doesn't go the path of Ferry Corsten and co. musically, becaue he is a good DJ.
yep Robo, you pet...have a listen to Perpetuous Dreamer , his mixes of Dust-Wave & Sound Of Goodbye, huge trancehits a few years ago...more recently he´s done harder mixes for various groups but also on his own...good guy, lookie-lookie too! :p
My wayward trance loving pup of a boyfriend is dragging me to The Gallery@Turnmills on Friday for some Armin Van Buuren :rolleyes: That's 2 trance nights he has dragged me to in the space of 2 wks, I think it is time for him to get back under the Subliminal thumb :p ;)
Robo said:
two trance nights, you sure your going to be able to cope hehehehe!!!

I know I need to have serious words with him, he should know I am the boss and what I say goes :p ;)

I actually like a bit of trance so I don't mind being the good little girlfriend now and again, poor bloke he puts up with my Erick obsession and comes with me when I stalk him round the country so it's the least I can do for him :D