Armada teams up with Release Yourself again

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Armin himself : '' We haven't signed any contracts yet for next year, but it is very likely, i am very happy with Amnesia, and last year we teamed up with Roger Sanchez which really worked, i really like working with him. '' :!:
New theme for Release Yourself in 2010:
The Beginning of e new era

"The first decade of the new millennium has passed and house music pioneer Roger Sanchez continues to keep the beat and rock dance floors across the globe. The ‘Release Yourself’ empire is still a force to be reckoned with in it's 10th year of existence, built upon a foundation of emotion, passion, and energy. It is now the time to celebrate the decade of the ‘old world’, and look ahead to 10 more years of the Sanchez revolution. No wonder, then, that the multi-award-winning artist from Queens, New York has chosen ‘The Beginning Of A New Era’ as the 2010 theme. This year Roger celebrates the pass of an incredible decade of house music, and the beginning of a new generation filled with innovative beats and mind blowing performances. With no better place to kick off Release Yourself than Mansion in Miami during Winter Music Conference on March 24th, Roger has planned a spectacle unlike anything seen before.
Release Yourself will take the audience out of this world into an entire futuristic experience. In the metallic room, amidst the lights, lasers, and fog the audience will look up towards Roger, only to see the S-Man himself coming towards them. Yes, this years Release Yourself will be an entire 3D experience! 3D visuals will be projected onto giant screens behind Sanchez as he takes control of the club. With the mix of eye-popping 3D visuals and heart-pounding Sanchez beats, it can be certain that the audience will totally lose themselves in the audio-visual spectacle. Topping off the excitement of a new decade will be the debut of Roger’s hot new single “2gether”- already receiving a tremendous amount of buzz in the dance scene. Throughout his career, Roger Sanchez has been known as a DJ that breaks barriers, and with this years’ "Release Yourself: The Beginning Of A New Era", another barrier has been broken."


Sounds interesting... With 3D Show elements...
Awesome news, do you know when the Armada closing party is?

Last year it was the 15th September, so will probably be around then or maybe later as Cream is closing a week later this year.
How come on the Amnesia website 6th July says "A state of trance" yet on Ibiza spotlight party calender it says Markus Schulz 8 Hour Set. A lot of the other Armada dates don't match up either, whats going on? :confused:
Looks right to me. Did you look at the first Tuesday on the calendar and assume it was July 6th? Because if you open up the July page on the calendar, the first Tuesday listed is June 29 (with the line-up that you mention)
Could be. The calendar was initially built on individual confirmations (eg. maybe Schulz had on his official site that he was playing that night) but now that promoters are releasing their full line-ups, I'm sure Spotlight is updating it. Armada's full line-up was just released yesterday.
Ah I see :) will give it a few days before I check back then, its just I'm out there for the 6th and wouldn't mind seeing ASOT as last year it was an amazing night.
Armada september 14th

September 14th


With armin having his new artist album out this year,could mirage be the name of it and this the album launch party? Thoughts?
I noticed that a while back, it still says he's playing on the Spotlight Calender, going to do Armin the week before now and then Carl Cox closing with Loco Dice on the 21st. 8)
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