Are you human???



i've noticed that most clubbers dont need sleep eg. you go out early on the night and dont get back whilst late the next day. any tips on how you can manage the long long hours with no sleep???????
people do d****, my friend, that's how they afford to be so energized and not themselves... ;)
If I am going around midnight I'm be dead tired and yawning by 6am latest, so you better talk to "other folks", you know?

i tend to group a couple of hours between 5pm and 7pm just to catch up.
genrally get up around 10am the chill on the beach or round the pool for good 6 hours, just to unwind...

also pro plus and tons of reb bull brought at the local super markets helps.
also pro plus and tons of reb bull brought at the local super markets helps much red bull keeps you awake before it brings on the first heart attack...?
Red bull is alright, but I can imagine too much of it could be problematic, hence moderation. I think it is a good idea to get a catnap during the day. Even a few hours sleep is better than staying up for days/nights on end. I actually tried to do long runs of staying up for several days/nights and I had to miss a few nights out after that.
blue lipz, blue music..superman....mmmmmmm shall i go on hahhahahaha except for one nite we headed out at midnight adn came home by 8-9 in the nite we clubbed 16 hours str8 and i needed my rest...also i lost 8 lbs in ibiza b/c of the dancing and shitty food :)