Are cameras allowed in clubs in Ibiza?



Can anyone advize if cameras (e.g. digital cameras) are allowed in any of the clubs in Ibiza, esp. Space and Amnesia? Silly clubs in California are starting to ban cameras in some venues!
in space its absolutely forbidden , if they catch you , they make you pay for letting it in store .
in amnesia this is the first year that they dont allow them .
Eden - No problem
Es Paradis - No problem
Amnesia - Forbidden, but once inside you see tons of people taking pics
Privilege - Impossible.
Space - Forbidden
Pacha was no problem last year either, no searches at all. And after smuggling it in, I snapped away in Privilege till my heart was content. Also Amnesia, once in it was fine.
We got a camera into El Divino no bother, but as others have said the door staff in space like to have a good old rake through your bag, so no water, no cameras :(
Not supposed to take them into Manuamission (Privilege) but we managed to take one in, and got some really cool photos (with DJs :D ) ...but I saw some guy being dragged out by the bouncers and kicked about abit as he was from mixmag and had a camera round his neck and wasnt trying to hide it at all! Think this year I wont bother trying!
I find very strange why some clubs don't allow cameras in. of the reasons for Space is because they took their own pics to the people so as to show them on their website and sell them online.

But other clubs didn't do it, so why don't they allow something so natural? People are euphoric spending their so long waited holidays and it's logic they want to get a pic of their best moments of the year and probably of their lives.
I just came back from Ibiza:

Pacha - NO Problem
privilge (Manumission&balearic people) - NO Problem
El Diviono - NO Problem

NO Problem to take inside & take pictures!
Ok, we had our very small Sony digital cam with us, but they never checked us!!
I got a tiny little Sony digital and will attempt to take this into most of the clubs... I've gotten it into clubs here in NY where they do almost a full cavity search @ some of the clubs, so I'm hoping I will have the same luck in Ibiza.....
the problem is not the search they do in the door , the problem is
the security staff inside the club .
in space , if they see you taking photos , they will make you pay 4
euros for letting it in the door , or they will make you ut of the club .
in amnesia a woman ( without security clothes ) saw me and i was
screamed that its forbidden to take photos , fnck her !
Advice: If you have a string on your camera, tie it to your belt loop and stick it down the front of your boxers.

They can't feel your knob, so you'll get it in. That's how I got mine into Space anyway.

Just be careful where yr takin photos.

I walked into the toilet and lifted my top up to dry my face and the big German security guard saw my camera in my pocket, and just went "Right, you go to the door, hand it in, pay 2Euros, and come back and show me the ticket", I was just like "Er, alright mate", then didnt go back. Germans, they're too trusting ;)
I have taken cameras into all the clubs, sometimes the door staff find them and you just have to accept it, don't let it spoil the night/day - the best thing is to just take a load of the throw away types with you, then it doesn't really matter. ;)
last year at amnesia we did not get searched at all,eden was no prob,my mate got his into privledge but like a tit i had mine in my hand!if they r cracking down this year has any one got ne ways to hide there cameras,got some great shots last year and want loads more this time as there is 12 of us going!roll on the 9th aug!!!!!
couple of years ago i took my camera into pacha and el divino no problem

in fact in el divino i got my photo taken with roger sanchez ;]
Got into Amnesia and Privlidge with disposable cameras but wouldnt risk a digital.
Got into Amnesia and Privlidge with disposable cameras but wouldnt risk a digital.
What about camera phones, i know the qualitys noit as good but much easier to get in and you can pretty much take a picture anywhere as it just looks as though your texting on your phone.

I took some great pics with mine in the arches and they turned out all right.
Yer they would prob b fine but its quite dark so they may not turn out that good, worth a try thou :)