Aquabus - single to Formentera - wow, that's some price increase!


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Last year - single ticket Ibiza/Formentera e9,- (or was it 9.50??)
Just read their facebook page.....this year a single is e15,- (e29,- ret; e19,- day ret). The day return is OK, but I see many travelling with their large bags and cases using them as a cheaper way to get to the island for a longer stay.

Linea Express (Pitiusa) from the port is 23,80 single and also has 25-30% off for internet advance bookings. Trasmapi e19,68 single. Looks hat's what I'll be doing - unless Aquabus can come up with some kind of internet voucher/deal!

The "main" ferries seem cheaper these days than they used to be...even though the cost of fuel is increasing. Do they see the likes of Aquabus, Captain Hook etc as competition? Don't think many would travel from Playa Den Bossa to the port to catch a fast ferry when ones not much slower leave from piers almost opposite their hotels?

C'mon Aquabus...compete!!!;)

Q - anyone out there later this month...can you see what the other companies eg Captain Hook are charging from Figuretas/Playa den Bossa??
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can anyone tell me what type of ID ill need if any to get from pdb to formentera? Driver's license/Passport?


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the 29 euro price if for those who return on a different day.auga bus prices are the same as last year.


Depends what company you go with. I used the Ulises Cat in June, €22 return and it took about 45 mins I think. The Aqua ferry is €3 cheaper but a much smaller boat, takes about 15- 20 mins longer


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there is a faster boat that leaves pdb.only it holds less people.that leaves about 11.30 ish.the ladies on the desk will help you.which are new for 2013.


did anybody ever do the "aquabus ibiza island tour" around ibiza and to formentera for 49 € ?


Sorry to drag this thread off at a tangent. Could any kind person tell me if there i
s a ferry from San Antonio to Formentera??
Yep, there is. Stops off in the bay as well. My suggestion would be to travel to pdb and get one there. The trip from San An to Formentera takes about 3 hours if I remember correctly, on the way out its fine but very boring coming back. You do go past Es Vedra though which is cool