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Hi just wanted to get a few opinions...

This year we are going to mainland spain in the easter hols (11th apr)- it was free, my mom won it in a competition!
Decided to travel by train for somethin different (and because of spanair experience last year). This means we will be travelling through barcelona etc. Im toying with the idea of going over to ibiza for a couple of days en route. Probably would go to ibiza town- would much be open?
Will it actually be worth going? Were not that bothered about the clubs, just want to at least be able to go for a couple of days, as we have other stuff booked for the summer this year, so might be the only chance to go til 2010. :cry:

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help!
Probably would go to ibiza town- would much be open?
easter is the start of the season so lots of shops in the port, beach restaurants, etc are already open!! :idea:

plenty of things happening in april and mostly good weather....
thanks a lot for that
this is probably a really dumb question but where would i find details of whats on in april? on here somewhere?

also if anyone has any tips for that time of year i would b grateful (girls- what do you pack to wear, ive only done july/aug/sept before. dont think it would be bikinis an shorts somehow in april)!!