Appartments or Bed and Breakfast at the Last Minute



If me and my friend don't find a good deal prior to our departure is it a bad idea to go there and try and find something.

Possibly go to a bed and breakfast or an appartment run by locals offer them $1500Euros on the Spot for the month or whatever.

Is this possible???

Would you suggest staying in San Antonio or Ibiza Town(and including area)?
Found a 4* hotel @ the last minute -- in Boo-Foo

Just from my experience... We did everything on the fly last year & went in August. Naive? Maybe. Ambitious, definitely. We made reservations for our accomodation a few days before arriving in Ibiza and well... we were quietly nestled away in the hills of San Jose. Lovely hotel, just not really within walking distance of anything. At all. I think it may have been different if we showed up and started asking at places, knocking on doors, but we wanted reassurance that we'd have someplace to throw our s*** down upon arrival. And there you have it.
I think my husband went his first time without reservations and found a cheap place straight away in San An. So if you're doing it on the fly, it may just be easier to pack light and start knockin'.
It depends on the month and the amount of patience you have for walking around the island looking for lodging. I always think it's better to plan earlier than later.
Do it, i did years ago and had a right laugh. Get in touch with the spanish tourist board, they do a booklet containing lists, prices and accomodation guides for all the balearic islands. As theres only a couple of you, you shouldn't have any bother. As long as your'e not going peak season(early august). Or try what the wife and i did this year. Book a package deal from england, works out cheaper than doing it all seperate.