Appartments in San AN


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does anyone know where the following appartments are

Poniente Apartments
Confort Plaza Apartm
Brisa Hotel 12
Es Calo Playa Apartments

I know the poniente – really bad Club 18-30 hotel right I the middle of San An
I've stayed at the Confort Plaza if you turn left from the west end as if you were walking to the Sunset strip they are just past the big MAY shop. They were alright to stay in.

Es Calo Playa is right up the back of the west end again on the side nearer the sunset strip (they're not supposed to be great though) Poniente is next to them.

The Brisa is also towards the back of the west end but over the other side towards the egg (I think)

The Brisa is supposed to be quite good and as I said the Confort Plaza were fine as well.
I stayed in the Brisa in 1997 and I really enjoyed it there. It's basic, but the food is good and the staff are very friendly.

You do get kept awake as it is quite near to the West End, but you're far away from it too - if that makes sense.

It's not near the egg it's the opposite direction towards the back of San An. 5/10 minute walk from San An.