Apartments Atzaró in Playa den Bossa - any good?


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Might be heading over for a week start of July. I know Ibiza resorts well enough having been to Ibiza loads of times and stayed in Playa den Bossa on several occasions. But just wondering if anyone knows what Apartments Atzaró are like? They sound decent enough on the websites, and there is one site doing a good price on them, but as ever it would be good to get some proper opinions. Also, feel free to suggest somewhere else for us to stay (must be self catering or serviced apartments). Playa den Bossa has its faults, but I like the location, since you can easily shoot down to Salinas during the day then into Ibiza Town for food in the evening. However it doesn't necessarily have to be den Bossa we stay in. Cheers
I stayed there once. It's part of a larger complex with a hotel and a 3-star apart-hotel. Atzaro was said to be "4-star" apartments. You can use some of the other facilities in the complex (swimming pools, dining areas) although we never did.

The apartments were nice. 2 rooms (one bedroom) with balcony.

The one downside was, despite being a block from the main street in PdB, you had to walk 3 blocks to get there because the back entrance was closed. Also, they only cleaned up the room once every 3 days when we stayed.

We started staying at Garbi and found it better value for money. Of course, Garbi removed their kitchenettes and raised prices last year so it no longer counts as a cheap apartment, but we still like it.
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look at La Noria hotel as well same group next door.but if its cheap take it.all you really need is a room/bath/ect
was gonna say sal rossa.nice family run place right on beach as you could walk to bora bora a few doors down.nice food as well good rooms.i pop in many a time for lunch.all you need in room to eat in.but best to have fresh stuff cooked for you downstairs in bar area.very good lady chef,
Thanks for the tips. Atzaro seems decent enough, so I just need to get the others to stop humming and hawing and confirm for sure that they want to go... I stayed in Migjorn years ago, which seems to be same complex as Sal Rossa, and there were far too many families, so I'll probably leave Sal Rossa as third choice for now. Jet Apts used to be my first choice (as family free) but last time I stayed in them there were a few really scummy groups in the complex, and I ended up in an altercation with some low life Irish chavs, after they were noising up (unprovoked) the lads from Birmingham next door (who were ironically of Irish-English blood themselves ha!ha!). Cue a bottle being flung into our balcony, which literally missed smashing into the face of the young lady I was with, by inches. The apartments I really want to stay in are one of the new complexes on the other side of Bora Bora, but they seem to be private lets and either difficult to come by or a bit pricey.
Tivoli Apartments, Playa D En Bossa, Ibiza try looking this place up.

Hey that's one of the places I stayed in 2007. I quite liked the apartment but the pool area had a bit too much shade for large parts of the day, and the car parking was hit and miss and you sometimes ended up having to park a block or so away. I'll keep it in my thoughts though.