Apartment for 8 in San An?


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Hiya! Can you help me please!

Ive been looking for an apartment for 8 people in San An but cant find anything, maximum occupancy appears to be 6. We could geta villa, but that tends to work out more expensive and also means we would need to hire a car which we dont want to do.

Many thanks for any info.

Sorry,can't help on apt for 8,but would 2 x 4 be so bad?
Then you get two bathrooms,and people you already know, to visit nearby....:)
Thats the next plan Don. Its just that it works out so much more expensive paying for 2 x 4 berth apartments, rather than sharing the cost of one larger dearer apartment between two families.

Ive decided to go and look at the cheapest 4 berth apartments in the San An Bay now, as i think the San An Bay will offer more for the children with us. I usually travel on my own with clubbing friends but im going twice next year now :lol: One with clubbing friends, one with the family!! YAY!!

Anyway most apartments arent showing availibility for next summer yet, either that or they are all booked up already :eek:

If anyone has any ideas on cheap San An Bay apartments/hotels, please let me know. Fankoo! :D
you did not state it was for next year,thats why prices are not showing up yet.wait a bit,till say nov/dec./then the prices will come up for 2009
There are a few sites (names not to be mentioned on here) that advertise private 3 and 4 bedroom apartments in san antonio which can cater for up to 11 people, apartments tend to either down the bottom of the bay next to kumharas and new apartments recently built along calo des moro, next to the bahia

do a search for private rentals and you will find them, or alternatively pm me:)