Aparthotel Bahía & Ibiza Help...


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Me and 5 mates staying @ the THB Aparthotel Bahía, Ibiza, all of us are Ibiza virgins, been to Maga/Faliraki before but never the white isle...

July 10th - 17th...

What is the hotel like that were staying in, we are lead to think it is pretty good, anyone else on here stayed before...?

I shall put a check list oth things I wanna know...

Hotel location...?

Safe hotel...?

How many euro's per day is reccomended...?

Best places to eat...?

Any help much appreciated...

Very nice 4 star/key aparthotel which has recently been upgraded. Its in a good position next to the hawaii just around the bay, only about 10 minutes walk intothe town, it looks quite luxurious. As for safe, not sure havnt stayed there but ive walked past it many a time and it seems to attract beer boys/ 18 - 30''s in peak season (not that its a reflection on the safety part)

As for euros, been discussed many times, as cheap or as expensive as you want and depends on what your doing there, i.e. clubbing, west end, or just lazing by the beach and a nicer place call la duna a bit further along, it depends really on your budget and what you want

Food advice is difficult, the hotel is next a few cheap places, most notibably the Triana which is a cheap place on the sea front next to the hawaii. lots of cheap places in the town of course, burger bars, the usual forray of holiday type food.

Have a search on google, trip advisor etc as there are a lot of reviews from peeps who have stayed there.:D
Thanks for that, do you think 1200 euro's will be enough for the week, based on going mental say 5 out of the 5 nights/days