aparthotel bahia 4 star san an bay



my friend and i stayed at the aparthotel bahia from 3/8/03 to 10/8/03. we paid an extra third party supplement for more space. we liked to be comfortable. cosmos assigned a studio room that in our opinion could comfortably accommodate 2 people. i'd specified twin beds. instead we had a sofa bed and a 'drawer' bed on spring loaded legs!! the studio included a small kitchenette with utensils, air-con, a balcony and en suite bathroom.

i disputed with the cosmos rep about the supplement in relation to the room size. she insisted hotel details were correct and i got what i paid for. another cosmos rep debated 'comfortable' with me!! i failed to complete a holiday complaint form because i was tipsy and forgot about it at the airport!

would somebody offer advice, please? how do i officially complain and get a supplement refund?

another complaint. it's guests are a mix of families and young lively people. it's noisy early in the morning when the drunken 'youngsters' are shouting and loudly laughing. it's not ideal for families desiring a quiet night.

i'll never holiday with cosmos again nor at the hotel.
I work as a travel agent so here's what I would do. If you booked through a travel agent write out a letter to Cosmos detailing exactly what you were not happy with and what you expect them to do to resolve the issue. Your travel agent will usually do a covering letter to go along with this and will also chase Cosmos up with their reply. Be nice to your travel agent as they are there to help you and it is NOT THEIR FAULT! Under ABTA rules Cosmos have 28 days to respond to your complaint. If you are not happy with their first response you will need to write again explaining why you are not satisfied. Again you have to give them 28 days to reply. If after this you are still not happy you can take it to a small claims court but to be honest that would be a waste of time as it costs you money in the first place and it's not a major major complaint that you have.

One thing to bear in mind is that when accomodation is fully occupied their is not much room to swing a cat so you may well have been allocated the correct accommodation coz from what I can see in the brochure they do not have studios for only 2 at the Bahia
thanks scottish helen

thanks scottish helen for your advice. i appreciate your efforts. my point is third party supplement means more or appropriate space for comfort. critics would state that i was foolish in the first place. i wanted a luxurious holiday.

i'll practice your suggestions. i was nice to the rep!!