Aparthotel Atlantic Es Cana


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Hi All

Was hoping to try the Aparthotel Atlantic in Es cana this year.

Cant fint it through any holiday company or hotel website, does anyone know whats happening with it this year?? It was on firstchoice website at one stage, but now doesnt show up on any dates at all.

Any ideas??

Many thanks

It's possible that the new 2010 prices haven't been announced yet hence why no info though this hotel widely available, just google it under 'Hotel Atlantic' Es Canar.
Thanks Dave, but the prices were out but then vanished from the Firstchoice website.
A google search also draws a blank.
I cant believe such a busy hotel in a popular resort is not taking bookings at present, the hotel will be half empty by the time they sort themselves out - its crazy.
Just checked out First Choice for the above said hotel but still no 2010 summer prices however on searching google there are now some sites offering stays from as little as 16 euros per night 2* early/late season in the popular resorts.

I won't post the URL's on here as Ibiza Spotlight i believe already has it's own reservation service for Spotlighters alike.

Well Dave, you have managed to find something that I cant!!

Still cant find it available anywhere??

Like i say the new summer tarifs were not published for this particular hotel though other hotels in Es Cana using the same holiday firm have there summer prices available ie:

Hotel Ereso
Miami Aparthotel
Afora Playa Hotel

Mind you the price for a two week stay in such hotels is well out of my budget:oops: hence why i prefer living the 'Good Life' in a 'garden shed:D' at Camping Es Cana. This year however the missus will paying for our hotel in the resort of her choice which will be in Portinax:( apparently safe for small children? Look's like i'll be taking along my prayer book for a good read:lol:



NB: Have you not looked on Spotlights own hotel/accomodation pages for seeing if they're offering any good deals? Just a thought.