Apartamentos playa sol i & apartamentos playa sol ii


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Was about to book the APARTAMENTOS PLAYA SOL I but after a quick search found that apparently the APARTAMENTOS PLAYA SOL II is better and the APARTAMENTOS PLAYA SOL I has salt water showers?

The APARTAMENTOS PLAYA SOL II is coming up as being more expensive. Is it worth it? what are the differences?

Thanks in advance! :)
Hello Nishy Baby :lol:

I am the biggest HMW in the world when it comes to accomodation but one year we ended up staying in Playa Sol 1 and it's not 'that' bad - clean, air con, daily maids etc, so if I can stay there anyone can :lol:

Playa Sol 2 is nicer but it depends how much extra you'd have to pay, whether you think it's worth it. Sometimes when you check into Playa Sol 1 you can get upgraded to Playa Sol 2 anyway if they have rooms free.
Saaaar!! :)

Hola matey!

Going 23rd of Sept for Garnier & Yousef. Then staying a couple of days till Tenaglia closing then heading back. Flights shot up from £150 to £230 last night. Devastated. Damn that credit crunch!

Will you be out there during then?

Just checked and works out only £12 each more for the sea view ones so think we'll just pay that and get it rather than hope for an upgrade like.

Hows tricks anyways hon? Hows Tom? xxx
Fab news, we fly Saturday for 10 days so will definitely be doing Garnier and Danny T :D

All good my end, looking forward to catching up in Ibiza my lovely ;)
Aye! Its been aaaages! You still on the same number? Ill give you a buzz when we get there x