Anything worth doing Jan 4th (Sat Night) 2003 in IBIZA???



I´m in madrid vacationing , and going to barcelona on the 3rd. I´m looking at flights or ferries going out there...but more it worth it this time of year??? Is only pancha open, and if so who´s playing....

If you could go for around $200 (flight) and had a cheap hotel, would you go on Jan 4th??? ç

any response would be very from the states and dont think i will be able to experience ibiza so easily again....but if no ones going to be there it kinda defeats the purpose..

not really!!!

Pacha is open and a few bars in ibiza town, which will still be good, but won't be like summer!!! a few afterhours are open, but thats about it....
Well I know, but still

I´m from the united states, oklahoma city actually, and if pancha is still going strong... ( i know not like summer) , but would it still be fun for 1 night , if i´m already in barcelona.

PLEASE HELP ..leaving for barcelona soon!!

Thanks again for any input, ANY
pacha on sat night will be a mainly spanish crowd, with great resident djs, the vibe will still good, and i'm sure it will be packed still.........