Anyone want to apartment share?


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Im planning on working in Ibiza for the summer and was wondering if anyone else is off out there for the summer and has an apartment already arranged and needs someone to go in on it with them, or if anyone is off out there on their own and needs to find someone to share an appartment with?

Im looking to go May time (beginning or mid) and would make it a bit easier and cheaper to be able to share with someone (or more) else. Just a quick bit about me, im 24 , female and from essex.

Just send me a msg back if your interested.


my names david i a from the northeast i a moving to ibiza for the summer and needing to flat share i know where to get a apartment that bit easy just need help paying the bills if you are interested e-mail me

Hi kellyleanne I am thinking about going over mid may (11th) and will be going alone so will be looking for a apartment share. I am 24, female from Newcastle area... What type of work are you going to be looking for?
hiya, i am out the start of May, just booked a cheap holiday for a week then gonna be lookin for somewhere to get an apartment, So if your interested in sharing let me know. 25 year old lad out on his own. give me a e-mail if anyone is interested
Hi! I´m also planning on going in the end of May. If anyone is interested of renting an apartment nearby Ibiza Town, send me a private message! //Ellinor