Anyone there 9th to 16th September?


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Hi there are three of us (2 guys and a girl) flying from Glasgow on the 9th of September, staying in the Hotel Laura. Anyone going to be around at that time?

Quinn :twisted:
im out there the same dates as you guys,flying out from stansted on 9th for a week. Me + 1, very excited! staying at the casita blanca. Bring on the messyness!:)
Ive been in casita blanca before i think. I can't wait to go now another 3 or 4 of my friends are booking to come out for the weekend. The past couple of times i've been i went for two weeks, im starting to think that one week won't be enough but its better than missin out completely like i did last year. Never kno we might actually bump into you both out there haha