Anyone stayed in the Palm Garden Apartments in Playa d'en Bo

I did last year, they were good actually. Nice and clean, five minutes walk to the beach, 3 mins to to a load of bars, about 10 minutes to Space and Bora Bora. The pool area is small-ish so the sun sometimes has problems getting in through the palm trees but it's a nice place. There was a few families there though, but we weren't really disturbed. If your apartment is facing the beach you can see all the planes coming down in the distance which is pretty cool to sit on the balcony chilling with a nice cold drink. The bar/cafe is average, bit on the cheesy side holiday wise but don't expect many clubbers. All in all it's a decent little place, plus every taxi driver in Ibiza seems to know where it is so you'll never get lost. ;)
cheers for that mate - much appreciated.

Sounds like a ice little place and to be honest I like a nice clean quiet place to sort myself out for a few hours !! :D
As you walk down the road to the bars, beach and shops there was a guy who worked for the first bar you get to on the left (it's on a corner, opposite a nice little Chinese restaurant) who is a right prick, stands outside always trying to get you in there. He's got blonde hair, quite stocky and I think he's German, I think it's a German bar. Avoid it, and him, he's a pain in the backside. He grabbed my girlfriends arm trying to literally drag us in. I nearly smacked the ****er.

That's probably the only downside to staying at the Palm Gardens.
comin' at ya said:
Dont worry - I'll sort him out. I'll hit him with an oversized Bratwurst.

PMSL, don't let him give you any $hit bro :lol: ;)
I am staying at Palm Gardens this year too, not stayed there before. We go on the 30th of July!