Anyone stayed in Hostel Florencio???



We're staying at the Hostel Florencio for the 1st week of september and was wondering whats it like in terms of location. How long appx. would it take to walk to Cafe Del Mar & Eden. Also is it suitable for couples? Obviously we don't expect a quiet romantic break but I'm not too keen on being next door to 12 lager lads for example! Anyone got any info???
This was the first hotel I ever stayed in in Ibiza - quite good location as it's set back from the West End, 3/4 minute walk from Coastline Cafe, Kanya & Kasbah (nice restraraunt for a sunset meal :oops: ). Loads of shops around for food, booze etc. 10 minutes walk from Eden.

Hotel itself is alright (pretty much standard San An accomodation) with a pool that catches the sun for most of the day.



If you use the football pitch asa guide to where it is, it's pretty much the same distance from most places.