anyone stayed in es retiro?



i'm going out to ibiza for the first time next wed, booked with 2wentys which i have a feeling i may end up regretting! has anyone stayed in/seen es retiro apartments?
Yeah I stayed there about 5 or 6 years ago, they were fine, clean and tidy and fairly spacious apartments compared to some I've had.

Just tell the Twenties where to go at the welcome meeting, politely of course.

If they are like what they were back then your fine.
my friends stayed in them last year and they didnt have ne complaints :)
altho she did say the swimming pool was the size of a goldfish bowl hehe :rolleyes:

watch out for the reps tho......20's reps can b a right pain
so just make it clear u aint interested from the start ;)

location is great too,i stayed just by es retiro this year and it was a nice distance from everything ;)

have fun!