Anyone Stay at Fiesta Hotel Playa En Bossa



I'm staying at Fiesta Hotel Playa En Bossa. Would this be a good
hotel for a couple to hang at? I noticed it does not have air-
conditioning in the rooms, so is a ceiling fan good enough

Last Question, is it too close to the airport ?

Thanks for any reply.
Is that not the hotel which was on some holiday show last week? There was this middle England family on with their kids and were a bit miffed that the 12 year old son kept getting chatted up by gay Germans. Their son didn't seem to mind too much though!

I'm staying in the Squash apartments to the north of the resort, but the travel agent did say that those further south would hear the planes more, however I'm sure you'll get used to it. I would always advise people to buy (or take) fans. Last summer in Greece it was unbearable without one-even with the balcony doors open which isn't very safe either.
The hotel is ok. Clean and good.

But it's directly in the entry lane of the airport. Don't take a room in the highest floor, because there are the plans too loud. 6th floor is very good= good view and not so loud.
Bad experience at other Fiesta hotel - Hotel Algarb

If Fiesta Hotel Playa En Bossa is anything like Fiesta Hotel Algarb, then avoid at all cost. Just returned from Ibiza, and we had a horrible hotel experience. The hotel had the look and feel of a university dorm. Cold tile floors and dark beat up hallways. My girlfriend and I had to push the two hard, thin twin mattresses together, because this huge hotel only had 6 rooms with queen sized beds. And forget the dark dungeon of a bathroom. You might expect to run out of hot water. This hotel had no COLD water! If I wanted something cold, then there was plenty of it at the front desk. I felt like they couldn't be bothered. You should have seen their reaction when I asked to extend my checkout for one additional hour. Like I really wanted stay one additional second.

Never ever again!
5th september i go for the 4th time to ibiza 3th time hotel playa den bossa
1 time don toni al from fiesta very good hotels but the airplains....
fiesta hotel playa d'en bossa is ok; rooms are clean. Only airplane can give a bit problems, almost every 15 minutes but u get ued to that one. If u want to have a relaxed night without clubbing but having a good time anyway, I suggest u should go next to the hotel to the club (you're allowed anyway) the animation is really great and you'll have a good laugh oh yes don't forget to say hello to peter and miss colombia from the animation crew (from chris from belgium) ;)