Anyone remember the Rapture tv/ company


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They done this QUALITY deal one time where one person could get a week (flights,transfers And accomodation) for £199!!! Bargain! I never managed to book with them coz they sold out pretty quick (obviously!). I looked up the hotel they used (think it was florencio but not sure) and it was ok as well.

Could do with one of these deals now! Anyone know of any decent package deals for single rooms?


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why are you looking at package deals? bmi fly from east midlands airport (90 motorway minutes from liverpool) and we have loads of hostals on this site where you can get a single room on line from the safety and comfort of your keyboard.
... failing that .. I got a package deal to San An for one week .. going out on 14th June for £204 ... including insurance and all airport charges etc .. Try Teletext Holidays ..
ok Stephen good info, but if you´re going from Denmark its going to be a severe problem, as all we have for the entire scandinavia is one (not so good) company and they set their prices at approx. 350 in mid season, 400 in highseason. The hostels + flight would be even more expensive for us to obtain.
teletext - brilliant.

btw i watched peter kay live at the top of the tower last night!
If you fly from anywhere except London, there's always a huge suppliment. From Glasgow they try to charge over £150!

I personally find it cheaper going for a package.
Ste- I prob am gonna do what u said, or at least fly out there and then find an apartment when I arrive, But that rapture package deal was still the best value, plus, its nice to know everythings sorted when u get there.

Last year I flew one week return for £119, looking at the flights online now they're round £200. Thought they would have gone down with all the war and sars stuff. Mind u, I did book Really last minute last year!
nish it was based on two people 144 no tansfers will get a cab booked insurance forr £ 9.99 each off the net not bad roll on the 21st
mm, even if I cover the underoccupancy it will still be an attractive deal! :)

Who dya get that off if u dont mind me askin?