Anyone remember a party done by...


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Danny Rampling and Angel Moraes @ amnesia in 2002?

and do you recall it being a flop!.

taken from news section.


here is an interview carried out by Lisa Loco in which she interviewed Angel Moraes.

LL: What happened at Amnesia (Ibiza) in the summer of 2002 when you launched a night with Danny Rampling? Did you do Beefa in 2003 at all?

”Last year at the end of the season the program director of a very prominent club in Ibiza took me to dinner and told me that he wanted me to be a part of that particular club in 2003, we actually met a few times but then after I left at the end of the season I tried contacting him several times but never heard back. What can I tell you? It’s quite a common occurrence in this business. Besides, I can honestly say that I didn’t miss it at all this year. If they want me next year I’ll be more than happy to go, if not, I won’t miss it then either.

As far as the Amnesia situation goes, Danny and I had something special to bring to Ibiza, we really did... Our serious mistake was the people we chose to work with. In all fairness though, I must say that the people we chose to work with were bought into something that they hadn’t seen and much less understood. It was my mistake to allow myself to get into a situation like that, I should’ve known better. Commercialism is not where I come from... and just in case some of you have forgotten, that’s not where this whole scene comes from either.

It’s from the underground and those special moments that happen in those special rooms that emerge every once in a while.”