Anyone planning a trip in July



Hey.. everyone! I am wondering when the best time of year to go to Ibiza is? Iam a college student who really wants to party. I would be comoing from the states and was planning on going sometime during july. I would love someone to travel with. Oh and does anyone know where i can get a list of DJ's that will be playing?
you can get a list of where the djs will be playing right here on this site. Check out the clubbing calender. There is alot more dates tbc yet.
I'm also there in july. Its my 6 year that I'm going and I'm there from the 22 of july till the 31 of july!! I'm staying at Playa d'en bossa it its there very good and beautiful!!
greetings nostie
Who can I come with to Ibiza in July????

Where is everyone flying out from? I would be coming from Utah(yep yep laugh it up)... I would really like to have some people to go with. I'm a college chick who likes to party. Let me know if any of you don't already have you tix.. and what you do about hotel room



You're going July 30th.. to August 31st?? Where are you staying??
actually july 20th, get it right hehehe!! only joking.
i'm staying in cala llonga, in an apartment at a reduced rate.

where you staying???
Dunno for sure yet, I'm trying to find some people to go with.
To the GIRLS

Let me ask this question one more time.. When are all the girls going? I would love some chicks to hang out w/while I'm there.