Anyone out to play NYD?


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seems theres bucketloads of parties on in london New Years day so just wondering what everyones plans are?

Im meeting at Old Queens head for Bugged Out around midday (which will be horribly packed) then either TBar or Ketoloco @ Horse n Groom then maybe Fabric. Might go str8 to fabric or it could all fall apart with NYE hangovers I dont know we'll see
horse & groom ce soir

someone's flat, somewhere east tmrw doing Hoover proud...

rave safe kids.

peace X
well that didnt go according to plan!

having planned to stay in we ended up in a squat party at an old pub in limehouse then ended up in some party till 9am.thought i could push on through but it all caught up with me by about 6pm so did not make tbar or fabric.poor effort

* just rememberd it was The dolphin we ended up in the morning
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well that didnt go according to plan!

Neither did mines but it still rocked! :)

Went to Cocoon NYE @ Matter and was on the guestlist for a couple of afters - think one was called low key, but hit it way too hard on the thursday night and missed them..

Managed to get myself together in time for Circoloco @ Matter the next night. The romanians were awesome - it was still quite busy when we left at 7am 8)
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Can only imagine the scenes at the dolphin :D

mine went something like this

h&g (rammed)
dave congreve playing la mezcla
dave congreve playing off 3 decks including wanna be startin something at one point!
dave congreve playing house of house/harvey mix
bean of the century / £12 - old fashioned love and UNITY in the place (for a bit)
enter khole
leave khole
say hello to Ali from Warm
say goodbye to Ali from Warm
head to old blue last
observe carnage at old blue last
stick around at old blue last until thrown out
taxi #1 (Stephen Tyler from aerosmith tried to get in too but we were having none of it)
someone's flat in Clapton - use youtube as jukebox all afternoon
taxi #2 (like Roger Moore in the new orleans cab in Live and Let Die "haven't we met before?")
faith / east village / karizma - unable to dance, curl up in corner and read the rave mothers and rave daughters feature in the new fanzine with a raised eyebrow.
ignore hissy texts from woman I was supposed to call at 00.01 but didn't. Fledgling relationship OVER.
taxi #3
bed (mine) for last 36 hours
I love the way JSP talks! :lol:

I'm hoping your flatmate was the girl who was hearing the names of British forests in the tracks they were playing - she had me singing along to one about the forest of dean. :eek:

Liked her an awful lot. :lol:
Jesus that room looked busy at that point.. not sure I like that song for midnight though :confused:

I know. Vath's set was a bit laid back I thought, but maybe it was because he was on so early and Yousef was doing the peak time slot.

Sven didn't really get going until 1am, but by that point it was starting to clear out a bit with people heading up to room two to see Cassy...