Anyone out there - August 13th - 20th?


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Anyone gonna be out there between these dates?

Im off out there on my own, so if any of you want to meet up let me know!

from Aug 19th to 26th. First time in Ibiza! I'll be with 3 friends.
Howie said:
what club nites you going to?

I do not know: it is my first time in Ibiza! I used to have different tastes in music when I was younger (gothic) and my holidays were in London. I still like goth music but I dislike the environment if you understand what I mean... Anyway, I do not know what are the best event, but I know we will be at Bora Bora every afternoon from 6:00 pm till dinner time. :D
id be there with my girlfriend and my brother and his son if ur interested id there on 18 to 25th

goin to clockwork orange 19th and 22nd pure pacha and 23rd goin to el devino id be wearing red shorts and white tee shirt with puma cap and trainers
I'll be there from 16th to 26th of august

My parties :

Sunday 17th @ space for Space Birthday : Jeff Mills + Danny Howells + Erick Morillo ...
Tuesday 19th @ Pacha for Underwater : Darren Emerson
Thursday 21th @ Amnesia for Cream : Paul Van Dyck
Sunday 24th @ space for GU Space tour : Behrouz + Deep Dish + Garnier + David Morales...

SO see u all there


Tao :D :lol: