Anyone knows history of rock bar


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i think its the rock bar but i know an old bloke here in blackpool and his son lives at the top of a big hill in ibiza. he tells me that his son used to be a CO-Owner of the rock bar with the person that still ownes it now. he dont own it anymore and he hasnt for quite a few years. Someone that knows this old bloke that told me and said it was right just wondered if anyone knew if it was the rock bar
a friend of a friend knew this friend, who knew his uncle, that knew this old mate, who knew this old geezer, once said.....
...that my mother's uncle who lived on a farm knew a vicar who had a brother who also owned a bar in the Welsh highlands who had a sister....
who had a son who lived in a cave with a bloke called terry and whose best mate run a cafe up peckham high street..........