Anyone know the name of the artist who released "backfi


Masters at work

The joey negro mix is the popular one.
One of the greatest funked out songs of all time steve...anything featuring India in it is class. Her voice is just...........filth :lol:
Couldnt agree more doc.

When you get out there try n get your self on the bongos in the savannah funky room, the lad usually lets you have a go, its a good giggle

Oh and get yourself on the raft just off the rocks at savannah, you'll know what i mean when you get there, its a scream when ur a little tipsy.

Im sick of this place, wish i was back out there
Steve, rest assured, i am taking extra funds to purch-ase my own bongoage this year...a mate said he'd spied some mini bongos last year which was great but he decided to inform me in Manchester airport the arse. Bongo's in Savannah eh? Funk me I'm on 'em!!! :lol: What's this raft malarkey????
Yeah the bongos are cool as funk, they just set the tunes of so well in the funky lounge. They were quite popular along with the sax

The raft is just like a little float just off the rocks, it looks like on of them ice packs that ur put in icebags, nothin special really, its just when uve had a few, getting on and off it is a giggle.

We all just got on there lay back floating in the sea and didnt want to leave.

I miss the place so much

When u out there then mate?
...May have to give these little rascals a go. As for travelling, 2 weeks yesterday....arrive on the 11th August.

Don't worry mate, I felt depressed as sin last year when I got back. I maintain that of all the places I've ever ttravelled to, Ibiza is the one place I prommised I would return to. It does something to it physically, mentally or spiritually....Mulder n Scully wouldn't even solve this one. It's a love affair with me and I'm finding it damn hard to ditch her. :rolleyes:
ah well have a nice time mate,

As it was my first time in Ibiza probably the best thing i took in there was when the sun came down, every one one the beach gave a round of applause, pure class

I know uve been b4 but make sure to go to mambos to see sanchez, and morales, cant beat it, a bottle of Corinita and the best tunes in the world.

Have a good un

Cheers buddy, will do....I'll toast one to you fella. I'll always remember walking on to the beach outside Mambo at night for the rest of my life.... for me it was truly a defining moment!

Later mate.