Anyone heard of Mar Y Playa Apt?



I'm planning my holiday for next year and Mar Y Playa Apartments looked interesting. Anyone have any comments about it? The area is Figueretas. This will be my first trip to Ibiza.
We considered those apts this year, but went down market instead!!

Having stayed in Figueratas the last two years, I can highly reccomend the area, a 10 min walk along the beach to Bora Bora one direction, 10-15 minute walk to Ibiza Town the other ddirection.

We checked out the apts you mention this year, and they looked ok.

Dependant on budget, we spoke to a few peeps who sstayed in Jabeque (same area), and they were well impressed. The new hotel Eviza looked well chilled out (same area), again depends on budget.

Previous year we stayed in Play Sol II, that was 9/10, top floor, sea view with sun from 10:00am till 7:00pm on our balcony. Was full this year tho, don't stay in the following, in the same area:
Play Sol I
Mira Mola

Can't recommend the area highly enough.

Next year if we don't do the villa thing with a crowd, we will go with Jabeque or Playa Sol II

Hope this helps.

Be Happy
WeLuvIbiza, thanks for the insight. This trip will be a great one!