Anyone heading out from dublin on 25th?



cant wait now, less than 2 weeks 2 go, will arrive in san antonio on sunday afternoon, 12pm to be exact!!!

anyway, was wondering if any ibiza goers from ireland are heading out on the 25th sunday morning?

maybe we could all head to the bar that mornin and a have a pre-party drink!! :lol:

well maybe not unless we dont want to get on the plane!!

but worth a thought!!!!

im headin out on 23rd. what aptments r u stayin at? where r u from? im from dublin
hey there cowboys and cowgals, am flyin outta dublin on the 30th for 2 weeks. stayin in the solbay apartments in san an bay. canny wait. have heard that the floors of the apartment are quite partial to flooding though which should be fun. where y'all stayin? any especially big nights ya lookin 4ward to?
hello all dublin clubbers.there are five of us goin out on the 30th.also one nite down the red box i was talkin to a gang who are on the same flight as us.theres 19 of them , 14 are least i think thats what they said
think we must be on the flight before you. ours is leavin at 11:30 i think. stayin in solbay apartments in san an bay. have a class time. maybe ill bump into ya's in space or sumin. sashas birthday, bring it on baby. canny wait. ONLY 16 DAYS TO GO!!!
heading out with my bird on 31st August for 2 weeks.staying in monterrey apts in bay area, looking forward to some serious wild nights. anyone else heading out on this flight leaving from Dublin. arrow