Anyone going to Cocoon closing?


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Probably quite a few of you, I'm guessing!

So perhaps this'd be quite a good place to meet up for (probably before, naturally when we can all still speak)

Let me know if anyone fancies this and any suggestions as to where we could meet up.

Clara, that is wikked ! ! how about 9 PM at Bora Bora, right in front of the washroom entrances....the reason is that I was to meet up with others there a few times, but is is so damn packed, it is hard to find the others (I still have to track down a few people!)....I will have my black backpack with a Canadian flag on it....yeah ! ! Rtchie Hawtin ! ! I am about 5 feet 11 inches tall, blonde short hair.

I spoke with some Germans today who say that Alter Ego put on a damn good live show (dark techno)....

I am open to other suggestions, let me know, but Bora Bora is always happening ! ! 8) OR we can all meet at a place where we can eat, at say 8 PM.......

Also, I suggest we try to put something on our upper arms as it is easier to ID.......I will put on a white sweatband on my upper left arm...

Gonna be a crazee party ! !

The more, the merrier ! Christian
Le Danseur Canadien said:
Clara, that is wikked ! ! how about 9 PM at Bora Bora, right in front of the washroom entrances....

Yeah let's meet there, I'm going to Cocoon with a few friends as well. Hmm how could we organise bracelets for that? I've never been to Cocoon before for some reason, maybe some German biergarten offers free passes with the sauerkraut?

Anyway it's very convenient to meet at Bora^2 because where else would we go when DC10 closes?!? I have long blond hair, tall and wear green stuff. Toilet entrances 9 pm, see you there Chiefs!!
Hello all, I have been sick with some kind of severe flu since Sat. 14 Sep. and did not leave my hotel for 2 days and was in no shape to do anything.......DAMNED PISSED OFF FOR HAVING MISSED COCOON ! :evil: :evil: why god why ! !

I have arrived in Canada last night and am still recuperating, feeling better slowly but surely it seems........

Will write you all a review soon of my week prior to being ill....

hope you all had a good time (I have not read the reviews yet)

:) Christian