Anyone going out for Radio 1 Weekend



Its gonna be big, if you are heading out around 6th August, let me know

Cant wait already
I'm going the 3th till the 14th with a friend. we stay at Blau Park Hotel at the sunset strip in San Antonio. Maybe we see you at Punta es Moli be there for friday and part of sat night...flying home sunday morning but look out for me at punts...ill be the slaughtered on who hasnt slept for a week...(dosnt realy narrow it down)
i am there i go evey year for these dates listening to the these parties on the beach for free is one of the highlighs of my punta es moli rocks...................... 8)
Hello radio 1 weekend

Im going out on the 6th for the radio 1 weekend, cant wait. Me and one of my mates are staying in san an for 1 week, so leaving about the 13th aug, Message me back, if you want

Steve :rolleyes:
Radio one weekend in Ibiza.......cant wait!!!!!!!!!!

Im actualy from Braintree
I'm there for radio 1 again too, they haven't left much of a time gap between Judge Jules and Zane Lowe on sat 11th have they? If your into a bit of indie aswell as dance you'll have to leg it from Mambo's over to Bar M.

Friday 10 August
Pete Tong , 7-10pm - live from Cafe Mambo.
Annie Mac, 10-12pm - live from Cafe Mambo studio.

Saturday 11 August
R1 DJs, 4-7pm - live from Mambo Terrace.
Judge Jules, 7-9pm - live from Mambo Terrace.
Zane Lowe, 9-12pm - Ibiza Rocks at Bar M.
Essential Mix, 12-5am - live from the Radio 1 party at Amnesia with Cream.

Sunday 12 August
Dance Anthems with Dave Pearce, 7-9pm.

I hope this is correct now..
YES me to, got our vip balcony passes for radio 1 cream. Where do u recommend to go b4 it/?? its our 1st time out there. Mambo??