Anyone going 17th-25th september?


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Me and 1 girl heading over for the week

staying in the casa maria apartments in san an

anyone else gonna be around at this time?
be there same time

hey how u goin!!
Me and my mate are going to be there from the 21st september
stayin at the central park apartments san an
happy to meet up party with some more people:D
Hey!! There you are Spencer! Can't wait to see you again - roll on September...

What happened to you staying in PDB???? That is a very big change. Phone me, damnit. :)

sept 18-25

coming from california, staying at garbi most of the trip. a group to meet up with would be good fun.
I will be there from the 16th til the end of the month , I'm from Montreal, Canada. We speak English however with a French accent ;-)