Anyone going 13-27th July



Me and my mate are going between these dates, just wondering if anyone else was going then, my mate says especially females. Thanks.
I'm not female but will be there at that time. If you head down to Cafe Del Mar on the 24th you'll find our crew.
Hi There,

Again, I am not the kind of gender you like but the more the merrier and
the fact is the more people you are with the easier to get in touch with
other so...

I will be there the 14th.... check out the calendar, I'll be staying in ES PLA hotel.

i am there between the 20th to 27july and again i add to the list of not being female but i am sure between us we can find some females :p :p
Quality lads, well where you all staying? we're staying in Cala Tarida which is out of town but we'll probs be in San An most nights. We're also mad about hardhouse lets hope lashes, pin-up,savage and the man himself Andy Farley are there when we are. i know th three ladies are but not sure bout andy farley. Anyway speak to you all soon

8 days to go :p
Yep, my dates exactly! Where you flying from and staying? You'll be pleased to know, i am female and so are the 7 others.
Hi Ladies,

Well, I'm flying from Brussels the 14th, since I'm a Belgiqi anyway, arriving 8:35 local time. Staying in Hotel Es Pla in San Antonio, you
won't be able to miss it since it close to Es Paradis, and Eden.

if you are near by just drop me a note saying it's for Steven P. they will
now who I am. :)

wohooo... 8 ladies... just the right number to have a great party and ... I'm renting a mini-van :)

Steve :p
Hiya all,
I'm flying from Gatwick this Saturday night :D :D :D I'm getting very excited!! This time next week we'll be livin it up in the party Capital of the World, now doesn't that sound great!

5 DAYS TO GO......
We arrive on the 13th from DC/Baltimore. Two guys and a girl. We're definitely ready to party.
superbad said:
We arrive on the 13th from DC/Baltimore. Two guys and a girl. We're definitely ready to party.

DC What!!?? :D

We are coming in from Toronto, 4 of us, ready to soak in and spread the vibe, yet again, in Ibiza in less than a week now.

I am very excited, can't contain myself.....

PM me if you are interested in figuring out a meeting point.....

First party to kick off the festivities..... We love Sundays at Space ;)

im going from the 13th-20th theres only 2 of us but an advantage we are female heh hey........................ 8) staying in san an town leaving gatwick sat afternoon .

"essex aint that bad" :oops:

Emzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :p
When do you get there Emzz. I get tehre about 2:45 on saturday afternoon. staying in san an.
i have been in ibiza last year. i see that its not easy for boys to find girls. beautiful girls. there are more boys than girls. as for me im girl. from moscow. and im going there again from 18th July for 2 weeks. and as for me its very easy to find boy. more over i dont need to find them. they come to me all time. even i with my friend. good time in ibiza. if i will meet other russian beatiful girl on the same flight from moscow as me - i will tell them about you. buy buy.
im off to ibiza , san an on the 22nd of july ! 8) ..any one going from newcastle on that date?
Hi !

I'll be in Ibiza from July 25th til the 31st, I haven't been to Ibiza for 3 years I feel out of the loop and would love to go clubbing in a group ! Is there a place in downtown Ibiza we could all meet ?
I'll be there at that time and would love to meet up with others off this board. I will be at both Cafe Del Mar on 24th in the evening, and at Bora Bora on the 28th (the meet-up points) and will be wearing some sort of armband (probably a bandana). If you have other meeting points organised then let us all know.

Actually I will probably be wearing the armband most of the time anyway so of you see a 6'4" guy with an armband come and say hello!