anyone from the northwest goin 24th aug???????



is anyone goin on the 24th from the northwest let us know if you wanna meet in any clubs warm up bars!
well north west of ireland.....

does that count?

im heading out in 3 days too from dublin!
cant wait, count down begun!

we are having a pre-ibiza party the nite before, any excuse for a booza up!
I'm originally from West Yorkshire but live in London now. Is that close enough for you.

There is loads of people out in Ibiza that week. Have a look at EmmaG's post "Anyone out in Ibiza 28 Aug ......"
god nearly there, i've started packing the suitcase.... :lol: :lol: :lol:
ive had mine packed this last 2 weeks, im tellin everyone that ive no room in my wardrobe! im such a good liar, truth is... and you know the feeling, i just ccaaannnt wait!!

2 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
did a bit more last night, i'd better be careful though as i've got a weight limit of 20kg's and this year BMI have been charging those meanie's! :cry:

God if i wasn't excited enough yesterday i am now baby! :twisted:
How much stuff do you need to take? I always keep it simple. Can you still look that good after hours of dancefloor action. - Remember it's all about the music!
Already have the tunes organised. My brother DJ's locally so I just get him to mix me some new CD's that way I don't have to buy any.
how very Resourceful YvonneH :lol:

My mate bangs out the copies (keep it stum) even stuff which is yet to be released, do ya want any thing :lol: