Anyone from Scotland going out on 31/8 - 14/9?


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Hi if there is any Scots who are going out to the island the first 2 weeks of Edinburgh give me a shout! My biyfriend and I are going and it would be nice if we could have some company to chill and have a laugh with. I'm 27 and Mark is 28 and we will be at Mambos, Kanya, Bar M etc and Pacha, Space etc. Not into Judge Jules or Dave Pearce etc.

Please get in touch cos it would be nice to meet up with some like minded Scots!
Oops! Did anyone spot my wee mistake!

I just read over my last post and instead of saying the first 2 weeks of September, I've wrote the first 2 weeks of Edinburgh!??! I noticed it when i was on the phone to my pal and we had a right laugh! I'm just a bit "tired" at the mo! I think it's cos I'm going to edinburgh tomorrow and must of been thinking about it! :oops: :lol:
hi smokinbabe, from edinburgh will be there from 7/9 till 21/9 for the 11th time will be going to space dc10 pacha and staying at the jet for bora bora im 30 my girlfriends 31 hope you havent burnt out by then

Me and my g/f (23) (me 25) are going to be there 6-20 Sept. Flying from Edinburgh. Will be staying in San An Bay.

This will be our 4th time on the island. Will be going to the likes of Bar M, Kumharas, Coastline, Savannah etc drinking much sangira.

Into house and like clubbing at Priviledge, Pacha, Space. Also into trance and will be going to Amnesia and Eden.

Where you staying?
WeLuv - sorry mate I do like you English folks! I like people from all over the world! It's just that it's kinda easier to link up and keep in touch with people from back home...Saying that though I hooked up with some folk from Oldham the first time I went and last year it was another mad lot from Manchester (and kept in touch for a while)!

Anyway, for anyone who is going when we are - wherever you are from! - we are staying in San An Bay (for the first time) and at the Encanto apartments from 31/8 - 14/9. I've been 5 times, boyfriend twice.
While there last year we met a couple from Worcestershire. Have kept in touch with them ever since and have seen them on many occassions. They are now our best friends and we are going to be godparents to their child due to be born in January.

Never heard of the Encanto Apts. We will be staing at the Xaloc Apts above the Pink Panther Cocktail Bar and the Cafe Royal.
Staying at Jet in Playa Den Bossa from 24th August-7th September.

Just me and my boyfriend going but meeting up with a few mates from Glasgow in the second week.

What about yourself?
Me and the G/F going 6 - 20 Sept, staying at Xaloc in San An Bay. Was meant to be going with another couple who have pulled out as they got a baby on the way!

Seems as though you will go home the day after I arrive...