Anyone been to JUICY @ Privilege 09??


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Hi, Im a newbee to the forum but not to Ibiza, going over on 11th Aug for 4 days and this will be my 11th visit. Thinking of trying Juicy @ Privilege but cant seem to find any reviews etc as to what the atmosphere etc is like, has anyone been? Is it worth going? Planning on doing We Love as well but have been there a few times before so know the deal.
Also, due to a distinct lack of spondoolics this visit, we havnt been able to hire a car for the first time so will be making use of the bus service. For some bizarre reason there is no direct bus from San An to Playa Den Bossa, where do you get off the bus from San An to Ibiza and reboard one to PLB and do you need two tickets and where do you get them from??

Thanks in advance :)

About the buses,get the #3 from SA and get off where it terminates.
You will have to get another ticket for the #14 to PDB,if you can't see the ticket office ask someone,there will be plenty of people around believe me !
I tried to find Punta Galera because Robbie Rivera said him and his wife went there for a sunet and it was amazing. I never found it and went to Benirras instead. Never got to see Juicy, either. Did you make it?

And thank goodness for scooters - I remember all the waiting I had to do for the bus to San An - what a waste of time! It literally was a fun 15 minute ride for me from PDB, nicer when I took the old road past Privilege and Amnesia.