Anyone actually been caught out???


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Just wondering if anyone has gone over without a place to stay and actually had to stay in some distant part of the island,- or sleep on the beach?!

I think Ive just got lucky the past couple of years, but would hate it if this year I had to sleep on the beach and bury my suitcase somewhere!

-Still, Id rather sleep on the beach then stay over round s'argamassa again! -Nightmare getting around!
Wot's wrong with s'argamassa? Is it way out in the middle of nowhere?
I've gone without booking before, twice in fact. Had a few problems getting a place and had to change hotels mid stay once but on the whole it was nice being able to have a look at the place before committing and get the ideal location. That was 1996/1997 though and it's much busier now. I guess it still depends on the season.
ug! In 2000 it was one of them 'allocation on arrival' deals -NEVER am i doin that shit again! S'argamassa is FAR FAR away from stuff! Near to es cana and that (I think!).

We couldnt afford taxis to clubs and back every night, so each night we had to get 3buses to san antonio, then the disco bus to the clubs!