Any Toronto Clubbers?



I am moving back to Toronto on Saturday (have been living in Dublin, Ireland since April).

What's good for clubbing right now? I have been outside Canada since November so I am a little behind on the scene... Was going to The Skybar/Guvernment regularly last summer - great setting and good looking crowd at the Skybar (albeit a little bit on the rude, posey side). Is it just me or are clubbers in Toronto a little cold? Was in London last weekend and met another Canadian who mentioned something about the Film Lounge on College?


I met a girl from Torronto last night, she's staying with a friend of mine, i'll ask her if i see her this week :)
DJC, you want to have a word with bbc6673, she knows evertything there is to know about the TO club scene, not only she is she a top girl, she is the original Huggy Bear of Toronto! 8) She'll be back on Thursday mate....good luck.
Wicked. Will keep a watch for her.

Would be goot to chat with some a proper Toronto clubber.
REALLLLYYY happy to back...

Film Lounge on Dundas W was wicked last Saturday. Also had a brilliant time at the Ice Lounge on the Danforth on Sunday (not really a club I know but great fun nonetheless)...