any one going ibiza on 8TH OF OCT TILL 14TH ?


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:D Hi my name is melissa im off to ibiza with my boyfriend we would like to meet up with some people so if you can message me i go on the 8th of aug im 16 my boyfriend simon is 18 love to hear from you xxxxxx :D
yep, I'll be there, in ibiza town from august tenth to fourteenth, and I'm going solo, where are you staying
I will be there

I leave texas on August 11th and arrive in Ibiza on August 12th.
So I will be there for two days that you are.
Wanna party?
Hi People,

I'm in ibiza from the 8th - 15th Augst

If anyone's interested, i'm playing at Eden on the 12th August.... Will be a cool night, come and say hello!!! :)


im the 2nd till 16th, and my 16th bday is on the 8th august
seems like we all got similar dates, anyone here wanna meet up and party, let me knoe, I'm in ibiza town for dates shown and wanna make friends